Proofreading, Editing, Copywriting & SEO

Websites, hosting & maintenance

Our Work

We are a small agency providing web design services and editorial services, such as editing, copywriting and proofreading, in Folkestone, Kent. We can build your website from scratch or revamp your existing one, giving it a fresh new look, rewriting the copy and improving your search rankings (SEO) so that more people find you online. And we’re about more than just online – we can help you with brochures, flyers, leaflets and more.

Web Design Services

Built using the WordPress platform, our websites look great and are easy to use. With literally thousands of themes to choose from, your site is guaranteed to be beautifully functional and unique. We’ll help you select a look and can customise any theme to make it your own. Read our Websites page for more information and pricing (including hosting and maintenance options).

Editorial Services

We offer all manner of editorial services, from simple proofreading, to editing and copywriting. Not sure what you need? Proofreading is when we carefully read your work to check for errors, like typos, spelling and grammatical mistakes. With our editing service, you hand over a rough draft and we turn it into something you can really be proud of. We’ll fact-check it too. If you’d rather we did the creative work, our copywriting service is what you need – we can wax lyrical about anything and everything given a bit of background. Read our Editorial Services page for more information on what we do and pricing.

Our Customers