Our proofreading service is perfect for blog posts, personal statements, CVs, press releases, articles, brochures and flyers, menus, letters, important emails and plenty more besides.

Want another pair of eyes to scout out those embarrassing errors? Its It’s practically impossible to proofread you’re your own work, so send it to us and we’ll check it for you. Lightening Lightning quick turnaround guaranteed, so don’t worry if you’ve left it to the last minute.


You’ve hammered out a draft, but is it still a bit rough around the edges? Hand it over to us and we’ll cut out the superfluous fluff, reword the confusing bits and turn your prose into something you can really be proud of. It’ll be our little secret.


Got something to sell, promote or otherwise bleat on about? Then you need our copywriting service. Simply tell us what you want to say and we’ll craft your enthusiasm into something wonderful that really gets the message across.

We’ve written copy for all manner of people and products, from virtual furniture and mobile apps, to holiday tour operators and gardening magazines. We’ve done a lot of digital work, for the likes of Habbo, Moshi Monsters and Tell Tale Travel, but we’re just as happy word-wrangling for print. Contact us now and we’ll get started.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There’s no real secret to SEO – if you write good copy, update your website regularly and post on social media now and then, you’re halfway there. We can help you make the rest of the journey (or do the first leg for you) and get your website up the rankings and in front of as many relevant people as possible. We optimise all the websites we make as a matter of course, and can optimise your existing website too – just ask.

FREE Copy Check

Yes, you did read that right. We’ll check your copy for free. Just send it over.

Obviously we’re not talking entire novels here, but things like one-page documents, blog posts, newsletters, leaflets, flyers, menus and promotional blurbs. Email them to us and we’ll spend 15 minutes checking them over for you.

We’ll correct any errors and offer some gentle guidance if we think what you’ve written could be even better.

Why do we do this for free? Because we’re nice like that. No catch, just some friendly advice from one business to another. Go on, send it over.