EDIT: back in 2013 website development wasn’t my core business, but it is now. I’ve also got a bona fide programmer on board, so it’s all good 🙂

Although not my core business, I often make WordPress sites for my clients (here’s a recent one and here’s another). I might make one or two a month, and I have usually forgotten which plugins I previously used. So, as an aide memoire for myself and hopefully of some use to others, I am going to blog about new plugins as I discover them.

Today’s plugins are fontsforweb and Enhanced Recent Posts.

Now, I’m no l33t coder. I have enough nous to be able to root about in the stylesheet and track down fonts and colours I want to change, but that can be slow-going. This clever plugin solves that problem. Install it and then look at your WordPress site (when you are logged in as Admin). You can select different parts of the site – like the main title or body text – and change the font to a web font that works in practically all browsers. Nifty, or what? Just try not to go crazy and use a different font for every single piece of text.

Enhanced Recent Posts
Pretty simple this one, but very useful. I’ve just made a site where I am using the blog posts for two things – actual blog posts and event listings. I wanted to display recent posts in the sidebar for the two separate categories, so that I could have Upcoming Events and Recent Blog Posts. Enhanced Recent Posts lets me.  

That’s all for now. If you have found any good plugins, please share 🙂

Written by Rebecca “Ribs” Susiaho

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